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LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY portfolio Showcasing luxury hotels, Resorts, villas & PRIVATE ISLANDS


Hotel Lifestyle Photography

Professional Lifestyle photography for luxury hotels, resorts and villas, luxury estates and private islands.


Ignite your guest Imagination

Lifestyle Photography


In addition to specializing in hotel photography, I also create lifestyle photography that showcase guest experiences, including the full spa & wellness experience. I strive to create images that leaves a lasting impact and entices guests to experience the magic of each hotel and property firsthand.

Private Islands photographer - Cousine Island Seychelles Private Island lifestyle photography guest experience sunset dinner
Sunset dinner. Lifestyle image created for Cousine Private Island Seychelles

Hero Shots

As a professional photographer, I craft impactful hero shots and signature shots that elevate the uniqueness of each property I work with. I closely collaborate with my clients to understand their vision, needs, and budget. Whether it’s a major hotel chain, an independent boutique hotel, a luxury resort or an Airbnb host, I adapt my expertise to suit the individual requirements of each project.

Sleeping on a sandbank. Lifestyle shot for Milaidhoo Island Maldives luxury Resort photography
Luxury setting- Sleeping on a sandbank. Lifestyle photo created for Milaidhoo Island Maldives. Hero Shot

Professional Models, People and Talents on location.

In order to achieve the desired outcome and according to your budget, I collaborate with a diverse range of professional models, or photograph people and talents on location. Whatever you choose, I will ensure that the images I create accurately reflects the atmosphere and lifestyle you envision for your property.

Hotel Lifestyle photography Professional photographer luxury Hotels

Hotel Lifestyle PhotoGRAPHY Gallery

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About the lifestyle images featured in this gallery.
These lifestyle photos and guest experiences were created as Hero & Signature shots for various luxury Hotels, Resorts, Private Islands and Luxury Villas. Some photos are published in advertisement and travel magazines.

Wellness & Spa Photography

Your spa story captured from start to finish.

My photography covers all the aspects of your spa and wellness guests can experience at your property. From spa aerial views to shots of massages, yoga, body and face treatments to details like spa products and healthy F&B, I capture it all. Your spa story is captured from start to finish.


Aerial Views | YOGA | Massages | Spa Products | Food & Beverages | PROFESSIONAL MODELS & TALENTS ON LOCATION | Guest Experiences

Lifestyle photography in the luxury segment

visual stories that appeal to emotions and desires.

Creating Aspirational Content

Luxury hotels aim to attract guests looking for an upscale and indulgent experience. Lifestyle photography allows to create aspirational content that showcases the property’s offerings in a way that entices potential guests to imagine themselves enjoying those experiences.

Evoking Emotions

High-quality lifestyle photography can evoke emotions in viewers, triggering a desire to be a part of the depicted experiences. Whether it’s the serene ambiance of a luxury spa or the excitement of engaging in various activities, emotions play a significant role in the decision-making process.

Enhancing Brand Perception

Visual content has a significant impact on how a brand is perceived. Professional lifestyle photography helps establish a hotel’s brand identity and positioning as a luxurious and desirable destination.

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Sakis Papadopoulos. Luxury Hotel & Villa Photographer – Filmmaker

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