Video productions for luxury hotels and Villas

My latest showreel with videos from luxury hotels, luxury resorts and luxury villas in Maldives, Greece, Seychelles and Sri Lanka.

Featuring stunning aerial drone, lifestyle, travel and creative footages for the hospitality industry, private islands, real estate and travel destinations.

Redefined style adapted to the brand philosophy without compromises on the quality of the visuals. Showcasing every project at its best advantage in a unique and timeless way that evokes emotions.

With powerful video you can translate your Brand / Property  into a visual story for your marketing goals and website.

Myself together with the experienced in-house editing team we are ready to discuss and create your video story or and combined with high quality creative photography to inspire your future customers.

I work with the latest state of the art equipment to produce stunning aerial photos and videos (4K) with drones for the tourism and hospitality industry, luxury hotels, resorts,luxury villas, real estate, travel destinations and commercial advertisement, meanwhile ensuring that safety is paramount at all times.

Showing is better than telling.

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